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Camstudio : Best free screen recording software - For some people particularly those who are involved in education or technology, to be craft an exciting video is certainly useful. They can offer more interesting dimension of teaching and learning. Meanwhile, for the people involving in technology such as being a blogger, to post a unique video is likely to be beneficial for the attractiveness of the blog. The capability of editing video is well managed suppose you have an application of editing video which allows you to access complete features. One of the crucial features is capturing the active screen of computer. Many tutorials have already been produced by this beneficial feature.

In fact, some people produce a tutorial through the integration process between some applications. In example, it is possible for you to combine Microsoft PowerPoint with the screen video recording software. In this case, to install the simple screen video recording is enough. You do not need to install the video editing application since you have already made it ready on the slideshows. Thus, it depends on your need whether you want to make the video to be simple or little bit complicated. Here you should consider about you time to waste. Suppose your time is limited, to make a simple video is likely to be the strategic decision.

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As you are searching the simple screen video recording application, many of them are for sale. Each of them is quite attractive with each point of advantages. However, suppose you mean to find out the free version, it is recommended for you to download the open source software which allows you to enjoy the complete feature for unlimited time. If you scroll in detail, you probably can find the open source software. The example is CamStudio.

CamStudio is a free application which enables you to record the active screen activity of both video and audio. The outputs of your work can result in two formats which are AVI and SWF. For the version of AVI, it is available at the saving feature while you can make it into SWF format by using the conversion facility which also includes in the software.

According to its official video, this best free screen recording software is suitable for those who do not have much time to arrange some tutorials or the other similar things. You only need to spend for few minutes to complete your work in effortless way. In addition, although it seems simple, CamStudio is quite competitive suppose you try comparing with the other applications. You can even obtain better facility from CamStudio than the paid screen video recorder applications.

In fact, the official claims that it can generate the quality video with lower size. This kind of advantage is certainly beneficial for those who usually produce a tutorial video for the internet version. With lower size of the video, users do not feel reluctant in watching or downloading your tutorial. Moreover, some features such as captions and built-in assistant file which are set in this application are quite helpful to finish your works.

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